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Advantages of Using PP Woven Bags and Sacks with Lamination and Printing

PP Woven bags have become extremely popular in the plastic industry. Simply speaking, these are bags that are made from PP plastic by the woven method. PP is a particular kind of thermoplastic resin material. Woven is a method involving many tapes or threads to make a fabric suitable for the needs of the plastic industry. One can easily find PP/HDPE woven fabric and sacks with lamination and printing in the marketplace. Let us take a look into some of the major advantages of the PP woven bags.

A Huge Variety

PP Woven bags have a wide variety to choose from. This is a major reason why many companies opt for PP bags over the jute bags. When you search PP woven bags, a wide number of options will be available to you with different sizes, designs, shapes, and colours. Choose the one based on your particular need.

High Promotion Effectiveness

One of the biggest benefits of choosing PP woven bags is that they are very convenient for efficient advertising purposes. Printed polypropylene bags can convey relevant and authentic information to the customers. Unlike many other types of bags, PP woven bags contain the business logo, contact details, and name of the company. This makes it easier for customers to come into contact with the manufacturer and exporter of woven bags.

High Industry Demand

As a renowned manufacturer of woven fabric roll, we are well aware of the tremendously high industry demand that PP woven bags enjoy. This is also the reason why more and more businesses are jumping into this market. Some of the key industries that generate massively high demand for these bags are food grains, chemicals, cement, detergents, sugar, pulses, and fertilizers. PP/HDPE woven sacks manufacturers expect the demand to rise in the subsequent years pertaining to both the international and domestic market.

Highly Convenient Characteristics

PP woven fabric roll and bags have some noteworthy characteristics that set them apart from others. Due to their attractive features, PP woven bags have become very popular among customers. These amazing features are as follows:

  • Low weight makes them easy to carry around
  • Easy and convenient to recycle and dispose of
  • High mechanical strength and strong impact makes them suitable for multiple uses
  • Resistant to the effects of bending and abrasion
  • Resistant to organic solvents, acids, and many other types of chemicals
  • Their burst strength is better compared to the plastic bags
  • One can gusset these bags to accommodate bulky materials with ease
  • It is possible to laminate PP woven bags as the moisture and vapour barrier


Polypropylene bags are widely used in multiple industries because of their versatility when it comes to uses. The uses of PP woven fabric roll and bags are as follows:

For cement: Here there is the availability of PP / HDPE woven fabric and sacks with lamination and printing. Furthermore, the bags are available with microscopic holes in them to allow the air to go out at the time of filling them with cement.

For shipping and transportation: These bags can be used repeatedly many times due to their extreme durability.

Suitable for Agriculture

PP woven bags are suitable for the storage and transportation of agricultural products. Such agricultural products are fruits, vegetables, aquatic products, feeds, etc. Moreover, the type of PP woven bags that are used in the agricultural industry include fertilizer PP woven bags, feed PP woven bags, chemical PP woven bags, mesh fruit bags, and weaved vegetable bags. It is also possible to pack foods with such bags. PP woven bags that are suitable for packing food include flour PP woven bags, rice PP weaved bags, maize woven bags, etc.

Geotechnical Engineering

There is extensive use of PP woven bags in geotechnical engineering. Being one of the top PP/HDPE woven sacks manufacturers in the country, we can surely attest to this fact. These bags are used in the construction of ports, railways, buildings, roads, mines, and more. PP woven fabric roll and bag performs important functions like draining, filtering, anti-seepage, and isolation. As a consequence, they are one of the most prominent geosynthetics in the world.

Special Purposes

There are some special woven bags in circulation that are effective in fulfilling some special purposes. Take the case of UV resistant woven bags that offer anti-ageing and UV protection benefits. Due to the UV protection, these special bags have longer lifespan and durability in the sunlight. Another case can be that of the woven polypropylene tube with UV protection that is effective for being utilized in earthbag buildings.


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