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Applications of PP Woven Bags

Sah Polymers & PP Woven Bags

Sah Polymers limited is a renowned PP Woven Bags Manufacturer in India (Udaipur, Rajasthan) for more than 25 years & today it is known as one of the leading exporters of the same. The world-class quality & advanced infrastructure helps us to cater to the packaging needs of several Industries like- Agro Pesticides Industries, Basic Drug Industries, Fertilizer Industries, Salt Industries, Cattle Feed Industries, Cement Industries, Chemical Industries, Mineral Industries, Paper Mill Industries, Textile Industries, Tire Industries, Food Products’ Industries, Metal Industries & a lot of others. Today, we can’t deny the uses of PP woven Bags in our day to day lives. The cloth we use for our PP Woven bags is flexible & remains in shape after repeated use. Moreover, the bags can be printed on one side or two sides as per the client’s requirement. Today, we wish to share with you some of the applications of PP woven Bags.

Applications of PP Woven Bags

Packaging of Food: The food we use in our day to day life generally uses the PP woven bags for packaging & its safe transportation. Our PP woven bags are widely used in the food industry because of its capacity to expand while filling the material. PP woven bags are used for the packaging of Flour, Potato, Rice, Onion, maize, sugar other food products.

Packaging of Agricultural Products:
PP woven bags are widely used in the storing of agricultural products. Because of their good strength, these are used for the transportation of the Agricultural material too. Sah polymers manufacture PP Woven bags for Feed, chemicals, fertilizers, vegetables, etc.

Day to day life uses: Because of PP Woven bags versatility, these are used in Day to day life & make life convenient. Sah Polymers also make bags that are best suited for the purpose of shopping. Our Multi Colour Bags is just a perfect option for your everyday shopping.

Construction-related PP Woven bags: The valve bags we manufacture are best suited for the Cement Industry. Not only do our bags keep the cement safe from bad weather conditions but it also allows direct filling by a hose. After the material is filled to the brim the valve shuts automatically. Our PP woven bags are widely used in the construction of buildings, roads, mines, etc.

For protecting materials from moisture: PP woven bags are best if you are looking for some leak-proof bags that can protect your material from moisture too. Our Liner inserted bags are best for such material. We make PE film bag that protects the material against adverse weather conditions and keep the quality of the material intact.

At Sah Polymers, we cater to the packaging requirements of all the leading industries & today the world is a witness of it. Our products export across Europe, Africa, Middle East, Australia, South–East Asia, Caribbean Island, Latin & Central America, and the USA. Whatever your requirement may be, wherever you maybe you can find our bags providing strength to the industries. Let our PP woven bags be your strength in your venture!


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