BOPP Bags An Ideal Packaging Solution For Your Business

All businesses around the world expect to expand over time to ensure that people can recognize them as the brand. This is that companies invest thousands of dollars marketing their products using the most attractive ways that they can, to ensure their brand is noticed. In order to emphasize branding, organizations often employ a number of steps to ensure adequate recognition and also ride on the increasing costs associated with branding that in turn increase the amount they spend. Companies across the world were looking for a perfect solution to maintain a close eye on their expenses and ensure the development of a consistent brand image. This is why the BOPP bags was conceived.

BOPP bags are a great solution for businesses in bulk packaging. But, through the use of BOPP bags, it was possible for organizations to advertise their brand by displaying printed advertisements on the bags. This can reduce the branding cost by a significant amount, resulting in the double layering solution that is available to companies in one investment. If you’re a business handling products, BOPP bags are a great economical solution for your needs. It can not just help your business become recognized but will also offer you the flexibility to design large-scale packaging for your products.

Let’s look at BOPP bags, and the ways they could assist your company!

What is BOPP Bags?

Biaxially aligned Polypropylene bags, also called BOPP bags are packaging units made by stretching the product (BOPP film) to both ends, resulting in molecular chain alignment in both directions. This helps develop a water-resistant long-lasting, tough, and durable high-quality bag that can be utilized for packaging small or large quantities of products, as well as its rubber and nylon stereo exterior finish, making it perfect for printing. Thus, BOPP bags are the base for BOPP bag development which serves for both packagings as well as branding.

How do BOPP Bags are created?

BOPP bags are made through a tubular procedure that is, a tubular bubble is filled with air or tenter frame processes where a large extruded film is heated to its melting point (not to its melting temperature) and then mechanically stretched by 300-400 percent. It is a popular procedure, much more frequent than the tubular method, and a smooth transparent film is created. Biaxial orientation leads to increased rigidity, toughness, and clarity, improved resistance to grease and oil, and improved barrier properties to oxygen and water vapor. Impact resistance, low-temperature impacts resistance, and crack resistance to flex are significantly altered, which aids in the development of a water-resistant and durable bag for packaging such as BOPP bags. The process of stretching mechanically while softening or easing the outside layer gives the appearance of a rubber or nylon surface on the exterior layer of the bag. This makes it ideal for the purposes of printing a brand.

Specifications for BOPP Bags

The benefits of BOPP bags for packaging and branding is innumerable when it comes to the massive use of BOPP bags by companies. The reason this happens is the massive specifications of BOPP which meet businesses’ needs. The main specifications for BOPP bags include:

  • A BOPP bag has various layers inside and they are often referred to as Multi-layer bags. The first layer in the bag is made of HDPE/PP woven fabric. Multicolored BOPP films are created using engraving cylinders as well as Rotogravures reverse printing technologies. The films are then laminated using HDPE/PP woven fabric. The cutting and stitching process is completed in accordance with the particular requirements.
  • BOPP bags are bringing in an improved design and attractive ways of bulk packaging of 5kg to 75kg packs. The multicolored printed BOPP Woven Sacks/Bags with Laminated PP made with precision with high-quality raw material bags enhance your product due to their attractive design and features.
  • Up to eight colors can be printed on one bag. A specialist graphic department creates different designs that are customized for each product using the appropriate photos and colors. The designs are stamped on the cylinders so that they can create the exact design.
  • There are two types of engravings that can be done on the cylinders: Electronic engraving and chemical engraving. Electronic engraving is suggested when the quality of printing must be clear. It’s more expensive as compared to chemical printing. So, based on the design, suggestions are offered concerning the technique of engraving that can be altered.
  • In the case of a BOPP bag, the front side will be printed with multi-color and the back side is printed using Flexo printing. For products that require ventilation, there is no lamination on the back side, while the front side will feature multicolor prints as well as lamination. Manual and automatic printing machines with corona treatment as well as dryers are utilized for Flexo printing.

These standards ensure that BOPP bags meet the requirements that are required by companies in addition to meeting the branding and packaging requirements of their customers.

Benefits of using BOPP Bags

There are a variety of advantages that are attainable through BOPP bags The most common benefits of using BOPP bags are:

  • BOPP bags are appealing and last for a long time.
  • BOPP bags come with multicolor prints that cover both sides of the bag.
  • BOPP bags are printed and covered from one end and ending at the other. This gives a great appearance when laminated. The printing is done on both sides, with beautiful designs and branding The brand’s image is given an additional edge.
  • A double-layer of printed-on BOPP bag does not just provide an aesthetic appearance that assists in promoting the image of the brand as well as contributes significantly to the development of the bags’ durability.
  • Nylon and Nylon are used for general printing capabilities that are perfect to print images on bags.
  • FDA-approved high-quality inks are used to create the designs on bags.
  • They reduce the expense for both bags and cylinders. It is also possible to have the bags with a rub test and tape test.

With so many advantages in terms of design, durability, and additional features with regard to durability, attractiveness, and style, a BOPP bag is fast becoming the preferred choice for packaging products.

Business Level Benefits from BOPP Bags

The analysis of BOPP bags reveals the many advantages BOPP bags help in meeting the packaging needs and branding opportunities for companies. Based on this knowledge, below, we have listed the top benefits that businesses can enjoy by using BOPP bags: BOPP bag:

  • BOPP bags are designed to ensure the appropriate storage for the items in them by keeping them dry from water.
  • The use of BOPP bags makes it easier for businesses to move their goods.
  • BOPP bags that triple layer protect make sure that your products are kept safe in the bag from extreme cold and extreme heat
  • The BOPP bag design variant ensures that the product is oxygenated as required by businesses while ensuring the product’s quality remains intact
  • The BOPP size variation bags allows packaging in various variants for the same cost.
  • The use of BOPP bags reduces the price of printing bags by huge margins while also ensuring that the item inside doesn’t get infected
  • BOPP bags reduce the cost of packaging as well as branding to one groove by a significant amount
  • By using BOPP bags branding and packaging planning can be realized at one cost for an organization

The advantages a company enjoys by using BOPP bags gives them huge scale flexibility in comparison to market competition, as well as comprehensive branding and high-quality packaging with a huge number of economic growth. This is what makes BOPP bags among the most sought-after products in the commercial world that deal in products.

If you’re in a business that requires storage for different sizes and creating branding around the same idea, then BOPP bags can be the best option for your needs. For more information about BOPP bags contact SahPlymers


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