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BOPP Bags An Ideal Packaging Solution For Your Business

BOPP Bags An Ideal Packaging Solution For Your Business

If you’re in a business that involves physical products that move and you are aware of how vital packaging and branding the product is! In order to provide your company with the versatility of packaging as well as branding Sah Polymers brings to you BOPP bags.

BOPP bags are the perfect solution your business requires for bulk packaging. Furthermore, by making use of BOPP bags, it’s possible for businesses to market their product with a printed display on the bags. This will bring down the price associated with branding. This is a massive margin, resulting in a double-layered solution for your business in just one expense. If you’re in the business of handling products, BOPP bags are a great economical solution for your needs. It can not only aid in helping your brand be recognized, but they also give you unlimited possibilities of bulk packaging for your products.

Let’s take a closer look at BOPP bags and why they’re the ideal solution for packaging your company!

What exactly are BOPP Bags?

Biaxially oriented polypropylene bags, also called BOPP bags, are packing units created by stretching the product (BOPP Film) across both sides, creating molecular chain orientations in both directions. This aids in developing a water-resistant long-lasting, durable, and durable quality bag that is utilised for packaging small quantities to large amounts of items, in addition to its rubber and nylon stereo external finish that makes it suitable for printing. This is what lays the foundation for BOPP bag design that serves as branding and packaging.

Let’s examine some of the key features that make BOPP bags the ideal choice for business.

Specifications for BOPP Bags

The advantages of BOPP bags for branding and packaging are innumerable when it comes to the massive use of BOPP bags by companies. The primary reason for this is the huge scale specifications of BOPP bags that meet the needs of businesses. Some of the key requirements of BOPP bags are listed below:

  • A BOPP bag can be described as having several layers inside and is also referred to as a Multi-layer bag. The first layer in the bag is constructed of HDPE/PP woven fabric. Multicoloured BOPP films are produced using engraving cylinders and Rotogravures reverse-printing technology. Then it is laminated using HDPE/PP woven fabric. Finally, the cutting and stitching process is completed in accordance with the particular requirements.
  • BOPP bags have introduced the latest technology and appealing methods for bulk packaging, which can range from 5 to 75 kg bags. The multicoloured printed BOPP Laminated Woven PP Sacks/Bags are precisely produced using high-end raw materials. bags enhance your product due to their attractive design and features.
  • A total of eight colours can be printed in a single bag. A graphic department with specialised expertise creates different designs that are customised specifically to the product, using the appropriate photos and colours. The final designs are printed on the cylinders in order to create the exact design.
  • There are two types of engravings that can be done on the cylinders: Electronic engraving and chemical engraving. Electronic engraving is suggested for printing that is required to be precise. It’s more costly than chemical print. So, based on the style, there are suggestions made about the technique used to create the engraving. These suggestions can be modified.
  • When you buy a bag made of BOPP the front side is printed with multicolor, and the back side will be printed using Flexo printing. For items that require ventilation, there’s no laminate on the backside, whereas the front side has multi-color prints as well as lamination. Manual and automatic printing machines that use corona treatment and dryers are utilised for Flexo printing.

These standards ensure that BOPP bags meet all specifications required by businesses in addition to meeting the branding and packaging requirements of their customers.

Benefits of using BOPP Bags

There are numerous advantages that can be derived from a company through BOPP bags The main benefits of using BOPP bags are as follows:

  • BOPP bags are appealing and last for a long time.
  • BOPP bags come with a multicolor print that is visible on the entire bag’s sides. bag.
  • The BOPP bags have been printed and lined beginning from one end to the other. This gives an amazing laminated look to the bags. The printing is done on both sides and adorned with beautiful designs and branding The brand’s image is given an added edge.
  • A double-layer of printed-on BOPP bags is not just providing an aesthetic look that aids in promoting the brand’s image and also contributes significantly to the development of the bags’ capacity.
  • Nylon and Nylon are used for general printing capabilities that are perfect for printing on bags.
  • FDA-approved high-quality inks are used to create the prints on bags.
  • The bags can reduce the price for both the bags and the cylinders. Additionally, it is possible to get the bags that have been approved by rub test and tape test.

With numerous benefits in terms of aesthetics, quality, durability, and additional features the BOPP bag is quickly becoming the top option for packaging products for a variety of businesses.

The specifications and advantages of BOPP bags clearly demonstrate why it is a good choice for businesses. If you’re into manufacturing or dealing with products, then BOPP bags are a solution you’ll require. For more information regarding BOPP bags and related business inquiries, you can contact us.


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