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Businesses across the globe that handle large-scale transportation of goods often encounter serious issues with regard to the storage of their products in transit. This is mostly due to the size and materials of packaging as well as additional operational difficulties. To overcome these obstacles, the development the jumbo bag was developed to address these problems of transit. Jumbo bags come in all sizes and shapes as well as a wide range of specifications and materials to choose from.

Let’s have a look at the features of the Jumbo bag and the things to be looking for when picking the right one for your company’s needs.

What is Jumbo Bags?

Jumbo bags are huge intermediate bulk containers that are flexible and designed for transporting and storing products. They are constructed of polypropylene woven fabric, an eco-friendly solution for the storage and transport of large quantities of products. Jumbo bags are generally extremely durable and therefore last for a long time in the natural world. They allow industries to cut down on the amount of waste generated by packaging solutions, allowing the benefit of the cost perspective and lessening the environmental impacts resulting from the use of ordinary plastic bags. This is a clear indication of how jumbo bags are the ideal solution for businesses for the storage and transport of large quantities of products.

But despite these vast benefits that the utilization of Jumbo bags can bring, there are some things businesses must take into consideration in order to choose the appropriate size when choosing to utilize jumbo bags for storage and transport. They are as follows:

The Product’s Material

The material used to make bags is of vital importance dependent on the kind of items that will be placed in the bag. This is due to the fact that despite the weight-carrying capacities of bags that are the same certain materials that are stored inside bags can be receptive to it, or could cause damage to the bag due to the bag’s surface contact being not compatible with the materials of the bags. This is choosing the appropriate material for bags is of paramount importance, based on the type of material that will be stored or transported in the bags.

Size Determination

The selection of the best size for your needs is based on the following main aspects:

  • Materials to be kept in the bag for transport
  • The location where bags are stored after they have been filled
  • The dimensions of the container into which bags will be carried to another destination
  • How will the bags be set in the container after they are ready for transport

Based on the following four main factors. The dimension of the bags needs to be determined prior to buy the jumbo bag. This will let you be able to store more materials, and not have to worry about transportation and storage issues.

More Important Specifications

Before making a decision on the appropriate dimension of Jumbo bags, based on the two above aspects, there are additional requirements to be taken into consideration when choosing the appropriate size jumbo bags for industrial use. They are as follows:

Lifting Loop

Hoops that are stitched, sewn, or woven to bags and serve lifting bags or moving them from one location to another. According to the type of lifting mechanism, your business is selecting the appropriate size of the loop for lifting is essential for a successful operation procedure.

Filing Inlet

This is a further important specification to take into consideration when buying bags that are large. This is due to the type of item to be put into the bag, the size of the inlet for filing varies. In terms of the method of loading, the type, and the way the product is put into bags. For example , loading sand in bags that are larger may have smaller filing outlets, while stone requires a bigger filing inlet. This is the reason that the measurement of the filing inlet is crucial in deciding on the right size bags for your needs.

Discharge Outlet

Similar to filing inlets, determining the dimensions of the outlet of jumbo bags is equally crucial for operational use. Also, depending on the kinds of materials that are to be transported and stored and the method to be employed to discharge the material, the discharge outlet size must be established.

The three specifications each have their specific dimensions. It is crucial to choose these dimensions carefully when buying jumbo bags. It is equally crucial for business.

If you’re looking to select the right size jumbo bags to suit your company, contact Sahploymers and we’ll be glad to help you and provide guidance


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