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BOPP Laminated PP Woven Bags Manufacturer

bopp laminated pp woven bags Manufacturer

We are the largest BOPP Laminated Woven Bags Manufacturer in India. At Sah Polymers Private Limited, we manufacture Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) that are made with precision & are of world-class quality. Like all the BOPP WOVEN BAGS, our bags are multi-layered too & are cut & stitched according to the needs and requirements of the customer. Our BOPP LAMINATED PP WOVEN BAG is just a perfect blend of the best quality material & attractive packaging. The high-quality of printing gives our bags an aesthetic appeal that is one of a kind. Our BOPP WOVEN BAGS can be customized according to your needs of colour combination the very best & creates the best of designs demanded buy the client for his brand .We at Sah Polymers believe that the quality that is inside the bag must be conveyed through the bag that is visible to the customer at first. To give the bag better durability & strength the bag gets laminated from both sides & is printed too for the better overall aesthetics. To create a lasting image of the brand among customers attention is paid to every aspect & at every step to meet the international levels.

BOPP Laminated Woven Bags Type

We provide different type of BOPP WOVEN BAGS for all your needs such as:

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About BOPP Bags

  1. BOPP bags have introduced the latest technology and appealing methods for bulk packaging of 5kg to 75kg packs. These BOPP Laminated multi-coloured printed Woven Sacks/Bags made of PP that are precisely manufactured with high-quality raw material bags enhance your product due to their attractive design and features.
  2. A BOPP bag can be described as having several layers within it and is also known as multi-layer bags. One of the layers in the bag constructed out of HDPE/PP weave fabric. Multicolored BOPP films are produced using engraving cylinders as well as Rotogravures reverse-printing technology. The films are then laminated using HDPE/PP woven fabric. The cutting and stitching are done according to the specifications.
  3. Up to 8 colors are possible to print on one bag. A graphic department with specialized expertise creates custom designs specific to the item, including appropriate photos and color. The designs are stamped on the cylinders so that they can create the exact design.
  4. There are two types of engravings made on the cylinders: Electronic engraving and chemical engraving. Electronic engraving is suggested for printing that is required to be precise. It’s more costly as compared to chemical printing. Therefore, based on the design, suggestions are offered about the engraving method which can be altered.
  5. For a box bag the front of the bag will be printed with multicolor, and the back side will be printed using Flexo printing. For items that require ventilation, there is no lamination on the back side, while the front side has multi-color prints and laminate. Printing machines that are manual or automated that use corona treatment and dryers are utilized for Flexo printing.


  • BOPP bags feature multicolor printing as well as laminates across both surfaces.
  • They are beautiful and have longevity.
  • They are laminated and printed between one and the other end, which provides a stunning finish for the bags. Because the printing is done on both sides and is adorned with gorgeous designs and branding and logos, the image of the brand gets an added edge.
  • Lamination adds extra protection for the print on both sides. It will also increase the durability in the material.
  • Inks of high-quality are used for printing bags. They are also approved by FDA.
  • Rubber stereo and Nylon are the best choice for quality printing.
  • Bags that are reusable reduce the price for both bags and cylinders. Additionally, it is possible to get the bags with a rub test and tape test.
  • With many benefits in terms of aesthetics, durability , and additional attributes the BOPP bag is rapidly becoming the top option for packaging products