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Different Polypropylene Woven Bags & Their Uses In Various Sectors

Polypropylene woven bags are also known as PP woven bags or PP woven sacks. There are also other names for polypropylene woven bags. These are WPP bags, woven bags, woven poly bags or woven PP bags. PP woven bags are used in packaging products in order to protect them from any damage. It is an eco-friendly plastic material that is used in many industries for quality packaging of a variety of products. It is popularly used all over the world.

These plastic bags are made of threads of polypropylene plastic which are then woven into bags or sacks. These bags have significant characteristics which enable them to be economical and its features make it appropriate for any kind of product to be secured properly.

According to the industry demand, PP woven bags are named differently according to the purpose it serves. PP woven bags are most commonly used in the agriculture sector. It is used for transportation and storage of goods such as food grains, pulses, aquatic products and many more. A type of feed polypropylene woven bags is mostly used in such cases. However, there are also other types of polypropylene woven bags which are also used in agriculture sector such as vegetable weaved bags, fruit mesh bags, fertilizer PP woven bags, and chemical PP woven bags.

Food packaging is extremely important to maintain hygiene and quality of the product intact. According to the nature of the food product, the PP woven bags are customised and are named accordingly. Some of them which are common in case of this industry are maize woven bags; rice PP weaved bags and flour PP woven bags.

Geotechnical engineering, which is a branch of civil engineering deals with rock and soil mechanics which help in solving any problem related to the design of the construction as well as the engineering process. In some cases, PP woven fabrics are used in the construction of buildings, irrigation works, mines, roads, ports and railways. These PP woven fabrics are used as a solution for proper functioning of anti-seepage, filtering, isolation and draining. One of the common and popular geosynthetics is the PP woven fabric material.

PP woven material is a crucial part of the tourism and transport sector. Starting from tents to the travel bags, most of the material used to manufacture these industry related products are PP woven fabrics. Sunshades, fences and many packaging materials need PP woven fabrics.

Other than these, there are special PP woven bags which have unique features to enable more protection to the materials contained within the PP woven bags. For an instance, there are special PP woven bags which are UV resistant. These bags are capable of providing protection from ultraviolet rays as well as an antiaging function. These PP woven bags ensure that the products have comparatively longer lifespans while they come in contact with the sunlight. Tubes made of UV-resistant PP woven material are used in buildings of earthbags.

PP woven bags can be used in many ways to control flood. The detrimental effects of the flood can be reduced through the use of PP woven sacks in the construction of roads, dams, river banks and any other area which is prone to get affected in floods. Sandbags made of PP woven material are very popularly used all over the world.

PP woven bags can also be used in carrying materials of daily use. Be it a farmer, worker or cargo agent, PP woven bags are used by all of them to transport products to warehouses and stores.

Production-wise, PP woven bags are made through four types of processes. Circular processing is the one in which the tubular fabric is weaved by a circular weaving machine. Tape extrusion is the most critical process of making PP woven material. Initially, the mixture is heated and converted into flat sheets. Then they are cooled down in the water while they are split into strips. Further, it would be heated, stretched, and again cooled a few more times until it reaches the desired linear tensile strength. In order to get the best printing effect on the PP woven bags, they are made through rotogravure printing. Another process is known as bag making which includes three major processes within it. They are bag making, lamination, and side gusset.

Be it for any purpose, Sah Polymers Limited provides all different types of PP woven materials in one place. They offer a wide range of PP woven packaging materials such as PP/HDPE woven fabrics, PP/HDPE woven bags; BOPP laminated woven bags, PP box bags, and many more. They offer high-quality product which is in high demand internationally. With the help of a well-developed infrastructure, research and development department and proper quality inspection and control, they are able to provide the best in the market. Not only that, any customization in the product as per the customer demand is fulfilled which gives freedom to the customers to make the best use of the product.


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