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Everything you must know about PP Woven Bags

India is a huge market and the products are always transported from one state to another whether it is during heavy rains or humid conditions, the transportation of goods and products cannot be stopped from reaching their destination. But one thing that can stop it is bad packaging. To make sure that your product is delivered properly, you must take care of the packaging, or else all the efforts will go in vain. Sah Polymers is one of India’s leading manufacturers of PP Woven Bags. We produce high-quality PP Woven Bags in India. If you want to know every little detail about PP Woven Bags then do give this a read.

Polypropylene is woven with a fabric to produce PP Woven Bags and has strong durability which makes it very easy to transport heavy and bulky goods and products. There are different types of PP Woven Bags in India to use for different types of products.

Plain PP Woven Bags: As the name it says Plain. The plain PP Woven bags are nothing but plastic bags. It is strong enough to bear bulky food items like food grains and fertilizers.

Liner PP Woven Bags: If the products are high at risk to get damaged by moisture and UV rays then lined pp Woven Bags are best for it.

PP Laminated Bags: When an extra layer of Poly film is added to the PP Woven Bags it becomes Laminated Bags. Laminated bags are tear-resistant bags and hence it is strong enough to carry heavy goods and products.

BOPP Laminated Bags: Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene BOPP is added for making the PP Bags stronger. It also enhances the looks of PP Woven Bags.

Gusseted Bags: Extra piece of material is added to the bag to give a volume to it. These are best to store cookies, loaves of bread, or any bakery products.

Some Remarkable Factors of PP Woven Bags:

Low Density: The PP Woven bags are not heavy so it becomes much easier to transport them from one place to another.

Reusable: The bags don’t get damaged easily so they can be used over and over again for other purposes too.

UV Stabilization: PP Woven bags have UV Stabilization. So it can be stored in the sunlight for 6 months. The product can be stored for a long period of time.

Water Proof and Dust Proof: The product becomes 10 times safe and sustainable if packed with PP Woven Bags. We have superior quality PP Woven Bags in India. You can check out other details on sahpolymers

Affordable: PP Woven bags come with a lot of notable properties which makes them a perfect fit for the packaging at affordable prices.

Non-toxic and Anti-Bacterial: There are no such harmful products used in producing the PP Woven Bags. So it is 100% safe for storing food grains and other items.

Environment-Friendly: PP Woven Bags is not made up of harmful chemicals and can be used multiple times so it is an environment-friendly option.

Sah Polymers Ltd is a leading producer of superior quality PP Woven Bags in India. If you want to know more about PP Woven Bags then do let us know in the comments box. We would be happy to solve all your queries.


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