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Find the best Polypropylene Bags in India

Sah polymers Ltd has been manufacturing and supplying superior quality Polypropylene Bags for more than 20 years. We are producing high-quality Polypropylene Bags in India. There are many manufacturers that are looking for the right kind of packaging for their products and what’s better than our Polypropylene Bags. We are distributing and manufacturing for many different industries like Agro Pesticides industries, Cement Industries, Food Products industries, metal industries, and many more. We can provide you with suitable Bags for your product. Before you start worrying about what is the right kind of packaging for you, we would like to guide you about Polypropylene Bags.

This is the packaging that is widely used by all the industries to transport the goods in large amounts. Polypropylene was first made in 1954. It is Thermoplastic that can be recycled and reused. If you are a manufacturer then it is highly recommended to use Polypropylene Bags. We are producing a wide range of Polypropylene Bags in India.

It is important to buy good quality Polypropylene Bags and how it is produced.

Polypropylene has two variants, Homopolymers, and Copolymers. Copolymers are made out using two different types of monomer units while Homopolymers are made by using just one monomer unit. Sah Polymers use High quality of material to manufacture Polypropylene Bags. We have different types of PP Woven bags. We assure you that using Sah Polymers PP Bags the risk of transportation will reduce and you can easily transport your product without worries to places. Now you know what these Bags are made up of. It is time to know what the different types of PP Bags are.

Plain Woven Bag: Properties like lightweight, Tear resistance makes the Plain Woven Bags widely useable. It is a simple Plastic bag but with great security.

Liner Bags: It comes with the lining inside the bags so that it helps to store items that are at high risk of getting damaged due to the climate. It is a perfect fit for storing food items.

Gusseted Bags: It is the type of bag that can be used for storing products like bread, cookies, and many more. The bag has an extra layer attached to form a block inside so that the product is well balanced.

Laminated Bags: Laminated bags enhance the look of the packaging. It is made up of an extra layer of poly film. Which makes it sturdy and stiff.

BOPP Laminated Bags: When bags go through a process called Biaxial Orientation it results in BOPP Laminated Bags. If you are looking for bags that store the fertilizers, and food grains well then you must go for BOPP Laminated Bags.

Sah Polymers Ltd has the best Polypropylene bags in India which are strong, tear-resistant, and has higher durability. So what are you waiting for? Choose us and say goodbye to your packaging woes.


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