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Jumbo Bag Manufacturers in India

Jumbo Bag Manufacturers and Packaging in India

To store and transport bulky products there is a huge need for Jumbo Bags. These Bags will help you to store properly products together which will make transportation easy. So if you are annoyed with not getting proper packaging for your products, try Jumbo Bags from the leading brand Sah Polymers. We are the leading Jumbo Bag Manufacturers in India. We have a wide variety of jumbo bags to choose from. If you are looking for the right kind of jumbo bags for your product then do give it a read.

What are Jumbo Bags?

The bags which are larger in width and breadth and are made up of polypropylene are known as Jumbo Bags. Because it is widely used these Bags are always in high demand.
Types of Jumbo Bags

According to your product needs and wants, jumbo bags should be used. It is important to select the right kind of jumbo bags or your packaging can damage your product miserably.

Types of Jumbo Bag Manufacturers in India

Type A – Plain Woven Polypropylene and non-conducive fabrics are used for Non-Flammable Products. It helps the product to be safe and secure till the time it reaches out to the buyers.

Type B – Type B has similar features to Type A. Type A uses material from Non-Conducive products on the other hand type B has fabric made up of low Breakdown Voltage. This is very useful during times of hazardous brush discharge.

Type C – Type C is also called Conductive FIBC Bags and it is made with Non-conductive Polypropylene Fabrics which are sewn in a grid pattern.

Type D – When you think of safety and security, the most trusted is Type D. It comes with anti-static as well as static FIBC. It reduces the potential of a dangerous incident that causes incendiary sparks.

What kind of products can the Jumbo FIBCs Bags store?

Jumbo FIBCs Bags is not just for the food industry but they can be used for other products like,

Chemical Products: Chemically filled products in powder forms can be stored and transported in FIBCs Bags.

Agricultural Products: FIBCs Jumbo bags can store Food for animals and fertilizers in bulk.

Pharma Industry: With the pandemic, there is a huge demand for masks, sanitizers, and other products so it is best to use FIBCs Jumbo Bags to store securely.

Sah Polymers has the best quality Jumbo Bag Manufacturers in India. We are the leading jumbo Bag manufacturer in India. Other than these products cement and other powdery products used on a construction site can also be stored in bulk.

You can buy Jumbo Bags now from us. We are one of the best jumbo Bag manufacturers in India. If you have any queries do reach out to us.


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