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Mistakes you should avoid while using FIBC bags

Choosing the right packaging bag for your product is like choosing a shirt with a shape. As with any other option, you can make mistakes when choosing the right big package. However, while shirts can be returned without damage, improper unpacking of the bag can have serious consequences. Hence, it is very important to choose an FIBC bag that matches your needs. Common mistakes to avoid are:

Wrong size and shape

The most common mistake packers make is choosing the wrong size and shape for a large FIBC bag. Recon FIBC bags come in different shapes and sizes to suit your needs. For example, construction companies need FIBC bags to transport and store large amounts of soil or sand, but they still need small FIBC bags to facilitate construction and long-term storage. However, bean exports are not opened and stored together for long periods of time, requiring large FIBC bags. Therefore, you also need to determine the exact shape of the material you need to store.

The order quantity and quality are incorrect

Two important factors influencing a purchasing decision are the quantity and quality of the products ordered. Buying FIBC bags in bulk can save you money, so you need to find the perfect balance between how much you need and how much you incur. No need to buy extra baggage right away for a low price. It’s better than paying extra for your purchase. Likewise, you may need an FIBC bag of a different quality to store chemical waste rather than the FIBC bag needed to store rice and wheat. Buyers often confuse the two and avoid which one can save a lot of money.

Insufficient recycling management

Plastic is sustainable because it is recyclable. However, if the polymer is made up of several polymers, the recoverability is high, and if the polymers are not separated, they cannot be recycled. However, Envy produces Super Recon bags that contain a homopolymer called “raffia grade polypropylene.” A special technique called “texture management” makes it possible to create products of different hardness and softness from the same homopolymer. a plastic homopolymer violates the recyclable quality of plastics and causes economic losses that harm the environment. Therefore, you also need to determine the exact shape of the material you need to store.

Choose the wrong supplier

For a constant supply, you need a reliable FIBC bag supplier like Emmbi, which has a high reputation and rich experience in manufacturing high-quality FIBC bags for overseas customers. . Barukubaggu Is the first Indian company to achieve ISO9001 certification for the design and manufacture of various polymer fiber products, Emmbi operates in around 56 countries/regions on 5 continents. It can then collect knowledge about the landscape and apply it to the design aspects of the product design and manufacturing processes. Even at low prices, choosing an inexperienced or established international supplier carries the risk of damaging the company’s reputation.


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