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All You Need to Know about PP Woven Bags with Printing and Lamination

PP woven bags have garnered a lot of popularity in the market over the years. More and more people are becoming familiar with PP / HDPE woven fabric and sacks with lamination and printing. Statistical figures also indicate a rapid rise in the use of PP woven bags. If you have a lot of questions and confusions regarding this bag, then you have come to the right place. This guide from us, a renowned Indian manufacturer of woven fabric roll, will tell you all about PP woven bags.

What Exactly is PP Woven Bag

PP woven fabric roll and bag is made from polypropylene resin. Polypropylene, shortened as PP, is a type of thermoplastic resin material. Its production takes place by a process known as the polymerization of propylene. Therefore, woven polypropylene refers to polypropylene strips/threads woven in two directions. This forms a heavy-duty material that is both light and strong.

Weaving is a method whereby many tapes or threads get woven in two directions- warp and weft. The result is a PP woven fabric roll that is suitable for plastic industry needs. The plastic film is first of all drawn into filaments, and then it is woven into cloth/sheet/fabric. Finally, the result is PP / HDPE woven fabric and sacks with lamination and printing.

Major Kinds of PP Woven Bags

There are various kinds of PP woven bags available in the market. Some PP/HDPE woven sacks manufacturers specialize more on some kinds of bags over others depending upon their expertise. Let us take a look at some of the major kinds of PP woven bags.

Traditional woven PP bags: This involves products that are made of woven plastic that may be uncoated or woven PP bonded. Such a bag is suitable for carrying a weight of 5-50 kg. It is suitable for products like agricultural products, fertilizers, animal feed, sugar, salt, flour, raw materials and chemicals.

PP Woven Bag with Bottom Splint: The most important characteristic of this bag is its 1 layer of PP woven fabric that has a coating of PP bonding plastic. Moreover, the ends of the bag can be either glued or not with PP strips. Also, they are sewed with cotton thread and are given shape at the corner.

PP Woven Bag Laminated Film: Their formation takes place from woven PP laminated BOPP film. The folding of the ends of this bag happens with a splint. Moreover, the sewing of such bags usually takes place from cotton thread. They can be stuck with a PP flap, resulting in the formation of a bag with block shape.

Characteristics of PP Woven Bags

Exporter of woven bags would realize the importance of the characteristics of these bags. Below are the properties or characteristics of these bags.

  • PP woven bags are 100% reusable which makes them environmental-friendly
  • These bags are durable, flexible and lightweight
  • PP woven bags facilitate the breathing of contents until air-dried
  • They may be partially transparent to make possible an excellent presentation
  • Offers high resistance to stress
  • With a laminated film, these bags can be made waterproof
  • Have better burst strength in comparison to plastic bags
  • Can accommodate bulky items conveniently

The Production Process

The production process of PP woven bags can slightly differ among PP woven sacks manufacturers. Nevertheless, the most common processes or steps include the following:

Tape Extrusion: This is the most important process for any manufacturer of woven fabric roll and bag. Here, the mixture is heated to a particular temperature, so as to facilitate plasticization. Afterwards, the mixture is extruded in a flat sheet of cloth and left to cool in a water tank. Once cooled, the splitting of the flat sheet takes place into strips. The heating, stretching, and cooling of the flat tape will then take place multiple times to attain the desirable linear tensile strength.

Circular Weaving: Woven packaging that is made from the tubular fabric is weaved by a machine that utilizes PP flat tape. There are shuttles in the circular weaving machine that weave the tape to make tubular structure woven fabric.

Rotogravure Printing: Rotogravure printing is becoming more and more common among PP/HDPE woven sacks manufacturers. Here the lamination of the woven package takes place with a BOPP film layer. The printing of the Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film takes place by using a rotogravure printing machine.


PP Woven bags possess notable features and attributes. This fact is further strengthened by their environmental-friendly nature. At a time when enterprises and customers struggle to search for environmental-friendly products, PP woven bags are a lovely choice. All signs from top PP woven sacks manufacturers indicate that PP woven bags are here to stay.


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