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PP Woven Bags- How They Are Made

SAH polymers’ manufacturing process of woven PP bags is very robust. The process involves only virgin polypropylene resins and each bag that goes out into the market is tested for quality before being shipped. There is a complete quality management process that is followed at every step of the manufacturing procedure. This is inclusive of –

  1. Tape extrusion
  2. Fabric weaving
  3. Extrusion lamination
  4. Gravure printing
  5. Bag forming
  6. Bag sewing
  7. Quality testing and
  8. Customer shipping

Extrusion and winding –

We incorporate state of the art technology to produce PP/HDPE Tapes, High-speed extrusion, double-stage draw, tape stretching, and winding lines are taken care of. The manufacturing process abides by high-quality requirements Which offer maximum efficiency and flexibility and lasts while using minimum raw materials and energy.

Fabric weaving –

Circular loom machines are used for producing circular fabric for PP/HDPE tapes. There is zero defect in these high-performance circular loom machine productions. We ensure that we combine the latest technology which does not waste power consumption with other raw materials. We also meet the widest range of fabric specifications which ensures maximum productivity and cost optimization.

Bag conversion –

We use high-speed bag conversion lines for producing bottom-folded and sewn woven sacks. All our machines are the latest and upgraded to the most modern technology hence they fall under new-generation machines. They are conventional and suitable for bag application functions like cross-cutting the tubular fabric, bottom folding, sewing, and stacking. There are automated results that ensure the consistent quality of the bags.

Multi-filament yarn-

Our multi filaments will draw wind line is used for offering high flexibility and add to the concept of compact melt spinning lines. Strategic and operational needs are addressed at a very optimal cost , due to which they are ideal for production. They have qualities like high tenacity and address niche specifications to adjust to dynamic market requirements.

FIBC Production –

We use state of art high-quality machinery for production. Our machines have options of panel or profile cutting which produce round cutouts as per requirement. We also undertake webbing or belt cutting as per the required lengths.

Tracking and packing

We utilize all possible equipment for quality checks in our laboratory to ensure flawless and error-free top-quality production. The finished bags are pressed and packed properly for protection and safe shipping. We use hydraulic pallets and a bale press to keep the outcome uniform.

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