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Things you should know about Woven Polypropylene (PP) fabrics and bags

Packaging, one of the essential P’s of marketing, has become ever more crucial today. The convenience of internet access has enabled us to order everything we need with a click. Be it food, clothing, or even heavy items, the packaging is a crucial aspect when it comes to the end-users.

We, today, are known as the click-to-cart generation, and this trend is likely to go further uphill. More so, the lockdown and conversations about climate change and the environment have pushed up certain fabrics to become preferred ingredients for quality and environmentally-friendly packaging. One such material is Polypropylene or PP.

What is polypropylene?

Polypropylene, or PP, is a type of thermoplastic resin material produced from the polymerization of propylene. It is the second-most produced plastic in the world. It is commonly used in packaging, making straws and other industrial and consumer goods.

Alternatively known as Moplen or polypro, PP is highly breathable, has high moisture-wicking ability and stretchability, and has medium heat-retention abilities. Additionally, it has a medium propensity for bubbling and piling. In light of these properties, polypropylene is a top contender for sportswear, food packaging, diapers, backpacks, tote bags, ropes, tapes, straws, and others.

Introducing woven Polypropylene

The variant results from weaving. Weaving is a method where numerous threads or tapes get woven in the two directions of warp and weft to form the plastic. The process then creates a plastic film that draws into filaments. These filaments are then made into fabrics, sheets, or cloth. The end product is light but yet, strong and heavy-duty. This amalgamation makes it the second-most popular across sectors.

Factors that make woven Polypropylene ideal for packaging

There are peculiar properties that make woven Polypropylene ideal for packaging. Woven Polypropylene is non-toxic and non-staining. These imply that it can endure long journeys to make deliveries. What helps to undergo lengthy transit times is the resistance to bacteria and rodents. This factor makes the Woven PP fabric rot-proof, which essentially means that the material will not dissolve into mold or mildew.

The Woven PP is reusable and durable, making it incredibly cost-effective. India being price-sensitive and saving the economy, there is an inherent inclination towards cost-effective options. It is hassle-free to manufacture Woven PP bags as the raw materials are abundant and easy to procure. These factors enable manufacturers to make the bags low-cost and in bulk. Additionally, the simple production process and assembly make it even more economical to use.

PP Woven bags are fully recyclable; they can be melted down and transformed into new products. So, good news for fabric manufacturers. Moreover, it is easy to clean and anti-bacterial, which makes it convenient and safe to use. Apart from these, what makes woven Polypropylene stand out from other materials is its resistance to most acids and alkalis, organic solvents, and degreasing agents.

Woven PP is an excellent way for brand-building

Apart from being environmentally friendly, durable, and reliable, Woven PP is also an excellent avenue for brand-building. In today’s day and age, having attractive packaging helps with amping your reputation and image.

Woven PP bags are printable and customizable. The former helps with product augmentation as brands can use compelling graphic prints and labels. The latter renders the flexibility producing these bags in various sizes and with different properties such as water resistance and breathability, making them incredibly versatile.

BOPP-Laminated Woven Bags – A variant that stands out

BOPP laminated woven bags help augment the end product, that is, the bag, both in terms of convenience and branding. The BOPP variant amps up the aesthetic appeal with extensive colour options and high-quality graphics prints. Additional properties that make BOPP-laminated a solid contender for business use is the smooth surface that makes the bag scratch-resistant, thereby adding newness and making it visually appealing. Furthermore, it is excellent for both heat cut and cold cut, making it versatile.

More so, it offers creativity as you can add handles and gussets for additional spaces. Both these aspects elevate the convenience factor for the end-users. So, this variant creates a win-win scenario for the brand and customers.


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