Top Advantages of Using FIBC Bulk Bags for Seed and Grain Storage

Agricultural products such as seeds and grains require an environment that is dry and free of moisture to keep them fresh. Gunny bags were used traditionally to store these items. As time passed, farmers experimented with containers that were rigidly made of plastic and metal until they came across the convenience in FIBC bulk bags. They are heavy to carry around on numerous levels. However, FIBCs provide a variety of advantages that make agricultural products such as hand-in-glove. Let’s explore the reasons make bulk bags a good choice for the storage of seeds and grains.

Protection from the effects of moisture

The seeds and grains need dry storage in order to stop the development of mold. Mold can destroy the whole product, leading to the loss of investment. When using FIBCs, you can seal the bags filled with food to protect the contents from moisture, thus increasing the shelf time that the food item will last. You can personalize bulk bags to your specifications. bulk bag by using an internal polypropylene film or polyethylene to protect the contents even more.

Protect yourself from pests

Pest infestations are commonplace in the case of grain and seeds. It could lead to the contamination of all the crops and thereby reducing the profit margins. Therefore, it is essential to keep them safe from insects rodents, birds, and insects. Bulk bags made from interwoven polypropylene fibers are strong and resistant to get infiltrated by pests. This makes them the ideal storage solution to store your seeds and grains in a safe manner.

Easy to handle

The process of filling storage containers with seeds and grains and seeds, then transporting them and then unloading them according to the requirements, can be quite an effort, resulting in spills and over- or under-filling as well. It is possible to select bulk bags that have inlets and outlets that match your product the best and avoid the risks.

Space Saving

It is easy to collapse empty FIBCs and then store them. However, the structural characteristics of these bags permit stacking them in a neat manner when they are packed with seeds and grains and seeds, requiring only a tiny amount of storage space. The addition of baffles to bulk bags can also assist in stacking them up upright, without sagging at the center, thus decreasing the chance of the pile falling down.


Bulk bags are the most cost-effective option for storing cereal grains as well as seeds. From the moment the harvest is taken at the farm, until it is delivered to the processor, via the market, seeds and grains are easily stored during the process in FIBCs.

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