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Universal Usage of PP Woven Bags

PP Woven bags have brought about a revolution in the plastic industry. As of the 21st century, these bags have effectively taken over the entire plastic industry. Simply speaking, PP woven bags are made from a type of plastic known as PP plastic.

The creation of these bags takes place from the woven method. In this method, many tapes or threads are woven together in two directions. This results in the formation of a fabric that is very convenient for the plastic industry’s needs.

PP refers to a kind of thermoplastic resin material that is the result of propylene polymerization. This thermoplastic resin quality makes this bag suitable for an extremely wide range of uses.

The PP woven bags certainly have a universal nature and usage. This means that these bags are suitable to be used by people belonging to any profession, location, culture, or hobby. Let us now go through the various factors which bring out the universal nature of PP woven bags.


Being flexible is a big virtue of these bags. The flexibility ensures that these bags can fit anywhere. As such, people of every profession can use them to store any product.

No matter how much you twist and turn this bag, it will always retain its shape afterwards. This means that there are no limitations on the type of contents that one intends to store in such bags.

A Wide Variety of Options

PP bags are available in a wide variety of colours, sizes, and designs. They also come in varying degrees of durability. As such, anyone can order any type of these bags depending on the specific requirements.

The native colour of a polypropylene bag happens to be milky white, but it can change into any colour after adding dye to the material. The treatment of the polypropylene threads takes place with a special corrugation, thereby ensuring the bag does not slide in stacks.

A well-sewn bag is essential for transportation as it has a strong seam. Moreover, the bags come in varying bottom seam strengths and densities. The PP bags also facilitate maximum loading for storage in stacks.

PP bags surpass jute, linen, and paper as far as performance is concerned. These bags are also better than polyethene in many aspects.

Advertising Effectiveness

Printed PP bags can easily and conveniently convey information to customers. These bags carrying any particular business logo can significantly enhance brand awareness. The bags can carry the business name, business logo, and relevant contact details.

A wide range of choices regarding shapes, sizes, and colours offers plenty of scope for customization. This type of advertising is extremely effective and at the same time not very expensive.

Due to a quality of PP bags, many large, medium, and small companies are openly adopting this brand advertising technique. This type of advertising can be used irrespective of whether a business offers a service or a product.

Another effective and affordable method of advertising involves the use of BOPP laminated bags. This is because these bags have superior printing vision. Most noteworthy, the impressive advertising effectiveness of PP woven bags makes them a popular choice for any business, irrespective of the industry involved.

Water Proof Nature

Being waterproof is a very important feature of a bag. There is no better contender of waterproof bags than PP woven bags. Any individual or business would always prefer to store things in a waterproof bag, whatever the circumstances may be.

The PP woven bags are waterproof because they have a laminated film. As a consequence, these bags do not show signs of degradation when they get wet. This property is very useful in bulk packaging of products as they have to travel from one place to another over long distances.

Excellent Resistance to Stress

PP woven bags offer extremely strong resistance to stress. These bags do not succumb under extreme or harsh conditions as they can endure them. The PP woven bags need not be replaced often as they are resistant to cracking.

Due to their resistance to stress and cracking, PP woven bags can eliminate any incidences of dropping and leaking. With such an impressive resistance to stress, these bags are an excellent choice for long-term usage.


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