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Utility Of PP Woven In Packaging Use

PP woven bags are becoming popular day by day. It is taking upon several industries. It is supposed that in further years, it is going to spread more in the market compared to other material packaging bags. Sah Polymers Limited is India’s leading manufacturer of PP woven bags. It has been in the packaging industry since 25 years. Not only they provide world-class quality products, they even provide any customization facility that customers may want.

Packaging is a crucial technology which helps to protect the products from any damage while they are in the process of distribution, storage and sale. It is important to choose the appropriate packaging material and also quality material according to the product convenience.

PP woven bags are woven with threads made of polypropylene plastic which is a thermoplastic resin. This thermoplastic resin is the outcome of polymerizing propylene. These bags are used for packing materials such as cement, food grains, metal parts, sugar, fodder and pluses. These PP woven bags have been used in many industries. Agriculture, tourism, food packaging and many more sectors are predominantly using PP woven bags as per their convenience.

There has been an increase in the demand of PP woven bags due to its solid and appropriate characteristics. The PP plastic is light in weight, anti-bacterial and breathable. It is reusable, non-toxic, non-staining and most importantly the melting point of this plastic is 167℃. The PP plastic is also resistant to acids, alkalis, organic solvents and degreasing agents. It is easy to produce as well as economical in nature. If required, the PP woven bags can be made partially transparent with the intention to let know what is inside them. Even if the products are much bulky, it would easily accommodate in the PP woven bags.

If jute bags, paper bags and PP woven bags, all are considered, the comparison between them will make it clear that which one is the best. The seepage in both paper and PP woven bags are low compared to the jute bags. The jute and paper bags are not capable of preventing moisture while PP woven bags are excellent in the moisture prevention. The organoleptic deterioration is comparatively high in case of jute and paper bags. PP woven bags have low organoleptic deterioration.

When compared economically, the cost of PP woven bags are cheaper than jute and paper bags. The jute bags are a seasonal product which means it is not available in abundance. Paper bags are also limited in case of availability. But PP woven bags are easily available and that too in abundance. The drop test performance of PP woven bags is very good compared to jute and paper bags. The microbial attack is most common in jute bags. While paper bags are comparatively less prone to microbial attack than jute bags, there is zero tendency of any microbial attack on PP woven bags in any way.

It would be significant to consider the effects of these packaging bag materials on the environment. Though PP woven bags are made from a different kind of plastic, it causes zero air borne pollution, while the jute bags do cause very high amount of air borne pollution. The paper bags are also free from any air borne pollution. The energy recovery rate is high in PP woven bags as compared to jute and paper bags. Since we already know that PP woven bags are reusable, it would be important to know that comparatively paper bags have less reusability. An interesting fact is all these materials except the PP woven bags are degradable when they are wet.

Though the main aim behind packaging is to protect and preserve the products, but keeping it in ideal form for the purpose of sale is also important. Proper printing on the packaging material may help in attracting customers towards the product. The colour, design and the all over appearance of the product is crucial. And PP woven bags do it in the best way. The PP woven bags printing effects have improved with the advancement in technology. The prints are less prone to smudging and are water-resistant, which makes it even better than the jute and paper packaging bags.

If PP woven bags are what you are looking for, then do consider high-quality PP woven bags made by Sah Polymers Limited. Due to their sound quality of PP woven bags, they now export their product outside India. They export their products in USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa and in many other countries. They have a strong research and development department which allows them to blend their products with the time and trends in the market. Also it is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company which is recognized by the government of India as a STAR EXPORT HOUSE.


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