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Which type of PP Woven Bags does your business need?

To make your product sustainable one of the essential steps is to design smart packaging. The packaging has to be of high quality or else no matter how good the product is you will end up losing your reputation in the market. We are one of the biggest PP Woven bag manufacturers in India and we are here to help you out find the best PP Woven Bags to enhance your packaging. There are different types of PP Woven Bags in the market. To be able to choose the right one for your product, keep reading this blog.

PP Liner Bags:

Liner bags are the perfect fit for products that require high protection from air, sunlight, and water. It can be used to transport snacks which are usually stored in airtight containers to keep them away from air and moisture. The use of liner bags will make sure that the product is well protected. Liner Bags can not only be used for snacks but also for sugar and other powder products like detergent powders.

PP Plain Bags:

PP plain bags are great to store food grains and animal feeding grains as it is tear-resistant and strong enough to hold the bulky weight of grains. It can be used to store the grains for a longer period of time. It will make the transportation of food grain much safer and not at all messy. Buy our best quality PP plain Bags.

Gusseted Bags:

An extra layer of material is added to the bottom of a bag or on the sides of the bag which adds volume and a boxy space that supports the bag to stand upright. These bags are best suited to keep the food items like cookies, nuts, bread, and many more products.

PP Laminated Bags:

When Poly film is coated on plastic Bags it is known as Laminated Bags. Laminated bags enhance the look of the packaging and make the product identity much more clear. These bags are best if the product has to be stored in for
a long time. It is lightweight and strong so it makes the packaging tear-resistant. Products like food grains can be stored in Pp Laminated Bags.

BOPP Laminated Bags:

Bopp stands for Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene. A thin layer of it is added on the top of the Laminated Bags to enhance the strength of the bags. Adding BOPP to the bags makes the look of pp bags look nicer than before. It is also durable. BOPP Laminated Bags are a great fit for transporting bulky goods.

We hope this blog is helpful for you to understand the different types of PP Woven Bags. To know more details do visit our website


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