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Why FIBC is Highly Effective

Why FIBC is Highly Effective

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) is formed from PP woven fabric. This is an industrial container that is suitable for storing and transporting products like fertilizers, sand, and plastic granules. FIBCs are made especially for bulk filling of these products.

In the world of packaging and transportation, nothing can come close to FIBC. FIBCs can handle massive amounts of weights in a very safe manner. These bags are a popular choice among businesses around the world for the storage and transportation of products.

These bags have witnessed exponential growth in recent years. This is because FIBC bags are in high demand as they are an ideal solution for the transportation of bulk dry goods. Let us now go through the various benefits of FIBCs that make them so effective.

Wide Variety

FIBC bags are available in many variants, thereby allowing customers and businesses plenty of choices. The types of FIBCs are Conductive Bags, Ventilated Bags, Tubular Bags, Baffle Q-Bags, U Panel Bags, Tunnel Bags, and Single & Two loop Bags. This customizable nature of these bags is a huge advantage.

Such a huge range of choices ensure that the FIBCs cater to the needs of many industries. These bags are used in industries like construction, food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, fertilizers, wood, and mining. The versatile nature of these bags is a huge advantage.

Customizable Nature

One of the biggest benefits of these bags is their customizable nature. One can customize these bags depending on the business type, demand, cost, and efficiency. If you know in advance what you need FIBCs for and the type of products that are to be transported, you can give specific instructions to the FIBC bags manufacturer to customize these bags in the manner you desire.

Besides the various standard models in big bags, it is also possible to produce a tailor-made FIBC. This tailor-made FIBC is for a specific client or product to take care of any special packaging need. It is also possible to print FIBC, which not only takes care of marketing purposes but is also useful for handling or transporting instructions information regarding any product.

The FIBCs come with various customizable elements like bag type (A, B, C & D), capacity and size, colour, food-grade or non-food grade, and filling and discharging features. As such, these bags add a lot of conveniences when conducting business.

Virtue of Reusability

A significant advantage of FIBC bags is a special material used in them, which is known as the virgin polypropylene. It is possible to recycle virgin polypropylene into various other plastic products. As such, most FIBC bags can also be recycled and some bags can be reused.

Because of the recycle and reusable elements, the FIBC bags are environmentally friendly. The raw material used in these bags is reusable and produces no waste or harmful products.

Optimization of Money and Space

FIBC offers one of the cheapest packaging systems in the world. This is because it reduces the overall business cost by lowering down the packaging and transportation cost, thereby resulting in significant overall cost saving.

With FIBC, the need for a secondary container is completely eliminated. This is because the product is already protected and contained. FIBCs save a lot of usable storage space because they barely have a volume of their own.

Efficient Time Management

FIBC bags can significantly escalate the filling and emptying operations. This results in saving a lot of time.

The filling and emptying takes place so quickly because of the specialized machines and techniques adapted to FIBC requirements. Ultimately FIBCs facilitate efficient time management of the overall business operation.

Efficiency in Handling and transportation

FIBC Bags can transport a weight that is a whopping 300 times of their own. These bags are easy to handle despite dealing with such heavyweights.

FIBC bags do not require any external handling or transport device. This is because they have integrated elevation loops. These integrated elevation loops eliminate the need for using pallets or any alternative type of loading unit.


The benefits mentioned above make FIBC bags a product of high utility. Go through the reasons mentioned above carefully to make an informed decision of whether to use FIBC bags or not. Also, you need to take into account your specific business before making a decision.

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