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A deep dive into the working culture of Sah Polymers

At the pinnacle of Sah Polymers stands Mr Asad Daud, the Managing Director, a degree holder in Accounting and Finance from the incredibly prestigious London School of Economics. Accompanying Mr Asad Daud is Hakim S. Tidawala, the Vice-chairman, with over 25 years of industry experience. The company, over time, has grown and currently stands reputable in 19 countries.

The X-factor

One might like to wonder what has given Sah Polymers its reputation and success over the years. The answer lies at the ground level, that is, at the manufacturing unit. Each of the stages of operation, right from raw materials sourcing to the final packing, is subjected to rigorous and intricate quality control audits and inspections. This unique approach to performing quality tests across the value chain is a crucial aspect that lets Sah Polymers stand synonymous with safety and trust.

Holding Sah Polymers in such high ideals is its ISO 9001:2015 certification that instills a level of integrity and authenticity among its staff and customers. Furthermore, Sah Polymers is a government-recognized export house that adds additional stars to its global badge and reputation.

Box the contents, and beat any disappointments

The risks that a finished product stands to endure once having left the factory are far greater than the risks faced when within it. For instance, a high-quality product made using state-of-the-art technology can reach its final destination – the residence or workplace of the customer – in a damaged and shattered state without appropriate handling. Sah Polymers understands this heartfelt reality and offers customers a wide variety of packaging options.

All requests will go answered at Sah Polymers

If you are into manufacturing or reselling dry and flowable items such as sand, fertilizers and minerals, Sah Polymers has for you the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC Bags). A specialty of this item is that it adapts to the contents inside of it. Business establishments that are heavily reliant on bulk orders or seasonal trends, Sah Polymers makes the PP Box Bags. These bags protect the contents from external stimuli such as dust, dirt, moisture, and humidity. Adding to the protective covenant is its tear-resistant quality that increases the safety and security of the contents. Apart from these, some of the other key products at Sah Polymers are Laminated Bags, Valve Bags, Fabric Rolls, Line Bags, and Perforated Bags, pp woven bags

A peek into the factory floors of Sah Polymers

To manufacture the wide-ranging products, Sah Polymers has a factory that stands on land measuring 80000 square feet, of which the constructed area is 65000 square feet. Inside the factory premises stand several state-of-the-art latest technology and equipment. The range of equipment includes two tape plants and a lamination plant, Nova-6, LSL-6, HDN-6, and LSL-620 Looms for making different sizes of fabric. More so, installed in the premises are also 6-colour and 4-colour online printing machines, hand-operated – or manual – printing machines, cutting and stitching machines, wider-width printing and cutting machines, as well as manual stitching machines.

Safety and Security measures at the premises

The factory staff and personnel are cared for and safeguarded with various safety measures such as proper gloves, footwear, and even body shields that help minimize contact with harmful substances. It is a well-known phenomenon that a staff that feels cared for is more likely to be vigilant and diligent. Mr Asad Daud, having accomplished his degree from the London School of Economics is well-aware of this aspect and has incorporated the value system for motivation and consideration at the ground level. Apart from just physical safety, the personnel is even cared for at an emotional and psychological front. The staff are loyal, diligent, and hardworking.


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