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BOPP Bags Help With Brand Recognition and Bulk Packaging!

BOPP Bags Help With Brand Recognition and Bulk Packaging!

Companies across the world expect to expand over time to ensure that people can recognize them as an entity. This is the reason that organizations invest millions of dollars in advertising their product using the most attractive methods possible to make sure that their brand gets noticed. To emphasize branding, organizations often employ a number of steps to ensure a good reputation, while riding on the growing costs associated with branding that in turn increase the amount they spend. Companies across the world were looking for a perfect solution that would control their costs while ensuring the creation of a consistent brand image. This is why the introduction of BOPP bags BOPP bags was made.

BOPP bags are the ideal solution for businesses in relation to bulk packaging. But, through the use of BOPP bags, it became possible for organizations to advertise their brand by displaying printed advertisements on the bags. This can reduce the cost of branding by a substantial amount. This is an effective double-layered solution for businesses with a single investment. If you’re a business that deals with products, then BOPP bags are an ideal option for your needs. It can not just help your business be recognized, but it also gives you the possibility of bulk packaging for your products.

Let’s look at the BOPP bags and how they can benefit your company!

What is BOPP Bags?

Biaxially oriented polypropylene bags, also called BOPP bags, are packaging units made by stretching the product (BOPP film) to both ends, resulting in molecular chain orientations across two different directions. This aids in developing a water-resistant durable, long-lasting and durable quality bag that is utilized for packaging small quantities to large amounts of products, as well as its stereo-graded rubber and nylon external finish that makes it suitable for printing. This is what lays the foundation for BOPP bag design, which is used for branding and packaging.

How do BOPP Bags are made?

BOPP bags are produced by the tubular process, that is, a tubular bubble is filled with air or a tenter frame procedure where a large extruded sheet is heated up to the point of softening (not to its melting temperature) and then mechanically stretched by 300-400 percent. It is a popular procedure, much more frequent than tubular, and produces a shiny transparent film. Biaxial orientation leads to increased rigidity, toughness, better clarity, increased resistance to grease and oil, and enhanced barrier properties of oxygen and water. Impact resistance, low-temperature impact resistance, and crack resistance to flex are significantly altered, which aids in the development of a water-resistant durable, and long-lasting packaging device such as BOPP bags. The process of stretching mechanically while softening or flexing out the outside layers provides an elastomer or rubber surface on the exterior layer of the bag, making it ideal for the purposes of branding.

Specifications for BOPP Bags

The advantages that come from BOPP bags in packaging and branding are endless in regard to the massive use of BOPP bags in businesses. The reason this happens is the massive specifications of BOPP which meet the needs of the business. Some of the key requirements of BOPP bags are as follows:

  • A BOPP bag can be described as having several layers within it and is also known as a multi-layer bag. A layer in the bag is constructed of HDPE/PP woven fabric. Multi-colored BOPP films are created using engraving cylinders and Rotogravures reverse printing technologies. It is then laminated using HDPE/PP woven fabric. Finally, the cutting and stitching are done according to the specifications.
  • BOPP bags have brought in an improved design and appealing methods for bulk packaging of 5 kg to 75 kg packs. The multicolored printed BOPP Woven Sacks/Bags with Laminated PP made with precision using high-quality raw materials bags will add value to your product by highlighting attractive design and features.
  • A total of eight colors can be printed in a single bag. A specialist graphic department creates custom designs specific to the item, using appropriate pictures and colors. The designs are stamped on the cylinders so that they can create the exact design.
  • There are two types of engravings that can be done on the cylinders: Electronic engraving and chemical engraving. Electronic engraving is suggested when the quality of printing is required to be precise. It’s more expensive as compared to chemical printing. Therefore, based on the design, suggestions are offered concerning the technique of engraving that could be altered.
  • For a box bag that is BOPP, the front side is printed with multicolor, and the reverse side will be printed using Flexo printing. In the case of products that require ventilation, there is no lamination on the back side, while the front side has multicolor prints and laminate. Printing machines that are manual or automated with corona treatment as well as dryers are used to print Flexo printing.

These standards ensure the BOPP bags fulfil all requirements required by businesses while meeting the branding and packaging requirements of their customers.

Benefits of using BOPP Bags

There are numerous benefits that could be gained through the use of BOPP bags. BOPP bags, the regular benefits of using BOPP bags are as follows:

  • BOPP bags are alluring and are durable and last for years.
  • BOPP bags have multicolor printing that is visible on both sides of the bag.
  • BOPP bags are printed and lined from one end and ending at the other. This gives a great appearance when laminated. By printing on both sides, with stunning designs and branding The brand’s image is given an added edge.
  • Double-layer printing on BOPP bags not only provides an aesthetic appearance that assists in promoting the brand’s image and also contributes significantly to the development of the bags’ durability.
  • Nylon and Nylon are used for general printing properties that are suitable for printing on bags.
  • FDA-approved, high-quality inks are used for the designs on bags.
  • The bags can reduce the price for both the bags and the cylinders. Additionally, it is possible to have bags that are approved using rub tests and tape tests.

With all the advantages, including attractiveness as well as durability, and other added features A BOPP bag is quickly becoming the preferred choice for packaging your products.

Business Level Benefits in BOPP Bags

The examination of BOPP bags is clear about the many advantages BOPP bags aid in meeting the requirements of packaging and branding opportunities for companies. Based on this knowledge, below are some of the main advantages a company can reap by using BOPP bags:

  • BOPP bags ensure proper storage of the contents packed inside while protecting them from water.
  • The use of BOPP bags makes it easy for businesses to move their merchandise.
  • BOPP bag’s triple-layer protection protects your products in the bag from extreme cold and heat
  • BOPP bags design variation allows the product to breathe as required by businesses, while, while preserving the quality of the product
  • The dimension variant that BOPP bags seal provides flexibility in the packaging in a variety of variants at the same price
  • The use of BOPP bags BOPP bags brings down the cost of printing on bags by a significant amount while also ensuring that the product inside is not affected
  • BOPP bags brings down the packaging cost and branding by a significant amount
  • Utilizing BOPP bags packaging and branding design can be realized at one cost for an organization

The advantages a company receives from using BOPP bags provide them with the ability to scale up their business over competitors, with extensive branding and top-quality packaging with huge economic growth. This is what makes BOPP bags extremely requested items in businesses that deal in products.

If you’re in business and require storage in different sizes while creating branding around the same idea, the BOPP bags are the ideal solution for you. For more information regarding BOPP bags for business requirements contact Sah Polymers


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