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We are one of the leading manufacturers of PP Woven bags in India. Almost every industry need & makes use of PP Woven bags. We know that these bags are going to be used to keep the materials & for a period of long durations. PP Woven bags in India Manufactured at Sah Polymers Limited makes sure that the bags are durable & must keep the quality of the material intact even during the rigorous tests of weather. Our durable PP Woven bags are known worldwide for their best quality & designed to fulfill the packaging needs of various industries such as chemicals, fertilizers, cement, urea, minerals, resin, polymers, rubber, food grains, seeds, spices, pulses, dates, agro products, fish meal, cattle feed, sugar, salt, sand, metal parts, concrete elements, couriers, etc. The flexibility & the durability of our packaging material is best in its class. Our PP/HDPE Woven Bags are more durable than the regular PE plastic & hence gives you the freedom to use it the way you want & can bear the roughest of handling.

Technical Specifications :


 1) Unlaminated & Laminated Bags :

Our Unlaminated & Laminated Bags are made from the finest of fabrics & are durable enough to handle the rough handlings. Being the largest exporter & Manufacturer of PP/HDPE woven bags in India, we make no compromises in the process so to make the bags reusable for as many times as you like. Our Laminated woven bags are a perfect suite for packing fertilizers, rice, flour, sugar, etc. The list doesn’t end here PP/HDPE woven lets you pack any material you can probably think to keep safe. Sah Polymers gives you total freedom to customize the woven bags as per requirements.

2) Valve Bags :

Our Valve bags are specifically designed for high-speed filling of the material. Valve bags are generally used for packaging of cement and other products. The material can be directly filled by a hose and once the material has been filled to the brim the valve shuts automatically providing a locking system. At Sah Polymers Limited, you have total freedom to customize the valve bags as per needs. We can avail the valve bags according to your requirements. Your machines will surely have consistency in quantity while filling, while our valve bags will ensure consistency in terms of keeping up the quality of the material for longer periods.

3) Gusseted Bags :

Gusseted Bags are widely used in the food industry because of its capacity to expand while filling the material. A Gusseted Bag has extra material on the sides or the bottom of the bag to enable the bag to expand while filling the material in the bag. These bags are widely used in the food industry. Gusseted Bags are also used for packaging hardware items. At Sah polymers Limited we provide Gusseted Bags to match the needs of our customers at the most affordable prices.

4) Perforated Bags :

Perforated bags usually have small holes in them. These bags are often used for the packing of those materials which are hot while packing. The perforations (small holes) enable the hot air to escape while packing the material in the bag.

5) Liner Inserted Bags :

Our Liner inserted bags are best suited for the materials which have impact of moisture on material and for fine particle material. Made with the best of the fabrics using the best of the techniques, our Liner Inserted Bags provide absolute protection against moisture & leaking. Our PP/HDPE Woven Bags with Liner is used for packaging of products like Sugar, chemicals, fertilizers, food grains, etc. A liner is a PE film bag that is inserted inside the bags. Our Liner Inserted Bags protect against outside contamination. Our PP/HDPE Woven Bags with Liner acts as oxygen, chemical & moisture barrier & hence keeps the quality of fine powders, food-grade products, and pharmaceutical products intact.

6) Multi Strip/Multi Colour Bags :

Our Multi Colour Bags are just a perfect companion for your everyday shopping. Made with the best of fabrics with advanced techniques & multi-color-tapes are just the best. The size of the stripes, color & design can be customized to fulfil your need and requirements.